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Predictive Analytics Engine

MedisoftRx's Predictive Analytic solution has been measured against, and outperformed nationally recognized predictive analytic solutions.

Predictive Analytics Engine

Our Predictive Analytics Engine is a first-of-its-kind tool that unlocks data from multiple systems and delivers detailed insights and medical intelligence.

Cost Groups

Strategies to identify high cost members within a population often focus on high cost members in the current or prior period, using the population’s member as the unit of measure, i.e. “patient as their own control”. This approach ignores the “regression to the mean” phenomenon, i.e. majority of high health care cost members in one period will often regress to a lower cost in the next period.

MedisoftRx’s advanced Predictive Analytics engine utilizes a more realistic "Population" based strategy to identify current and future persistent “true” health care cost and risk drivers. This approach takes the guess-work out of identifying your target care management population.

Utilizing Groups

Categorizing of population members into natural groupings based on demographics, chronic conditions, and other social health determinants allows for the identification of population subgroups, their characteristics and potential impact on current and future health care costs and risk.

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